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Tribute to Caval's Sweet William


10/2/99 - 2/19/09


sire: Vastgota Rudolf Valentino   Rudy
dam: Svedala First Class at Fromar   Flair


Up until last week, Spritz was a lively 9 yr old. Per Kim Hiscano: "Spritz divides his time between our home here in Basking Ridge where he keeps us constantly informed about squirrels on the feeder, UPS delivery, and when 5PM is approaching (dinner time). He still accompanies us almost everywhere, preferring to hang out in the car rather than risk being home alone. He spends some weekends up at our farm, especially when the weather is nice. While there, he enjoys miles long walks, visiting with relatives & hanging out in their houses, chasing tennis balls, and kayaking. Yes, even though he'd prefer not to swim, he happily jumps into anyone's kayak, stands in the front, and balances while being paddled around the lake. He does the same thing at our summer place on Nantucket, where we frequently kayak in the harbor. He has to wear a flotation device up there, which I think he finds mortifying, but we don't want anything to happen to him. When we head up there, he accompanies us on the ferry, where we spend much of the one-hour ride explaining to people what a Swedish Vallhund is. Nantucket also gives us a chance to work on his leash and town manners, which he doesn't get much practice with here in NJ, where he is decidedly a free-range dog. Most of the time he doesn't even wear a collar."

Then he got sick. A dizzying run between home vet and Cornell AMC in NYC (2/19/9) showed 2 masses in his lung. With loving goodbye's, Spritz went to the Rainbow Bridge.

Per Kim, tonight: "For a small dog, his absence has left such a big hole--not just in our lives but in many, many others'. I still have to email or call so many people today . . . When I called a close friend who'd known him his entire life, kept him for us when we were on vacation--and even let him sleep in her bed due to a misunderstanding when she read care instructions, the first thing she asked was whether we were planning a memorial service for him. For a dog . . . she was serious. And, we may do it, when we're feeling better.

He brought us such joy, from that Christmas eve when I picked him up in his crate at Newark airport until the very end. Two weeks ago, I had him out somewhere and someone asked, as people often did, if he was a puppy. I guess I should be glad that he never had to truly grow old, and up until the end he was able to lead such a full life with us."

More to follow when Kim is able.

Spritz will faithfully wait by the Rainbow Bridge.....where his doggy mom and dad greeted him.


The Rainbow Bridge

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