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What A Lucky Day! You've Found the Swedish Vallhunds . Viking Dog! Vastgotaspets! Spitz of the West Goths! Visit the Friends sections to view DogFriends from Around the World. 

Swedish Vallhunds


Meet  Cheryl's  Dog, Owen!


Caval Tor Gaelen

Vastgota Rudolf Valentino, 1996

Caval Tor Taliesen

Vastgota Rudolf Valentino, young 
 Caval's Herr Owen (at 11 months of age) Owen is the son of Lex, Starvonís Go Ballistic.  

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Caval Leia, Canadian CH 5/07 Caval Owen, Canadian CH 5/07
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Swedish Vallhunds!
Wondrous Dogs and Companions!
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Svedala First Class at Fromar

 Site Purpose

Hello Everyone, I'm Gail Smyka and I do this website for Cheryl Albert and Caval Kennel. I started it in 1997
when I got Gaelen.
This site will continue to follow Gaelen's & Taliesen's 
career and will emphasize CAVAL Kennel  and all of its members. Hopefully, we'll include articles, pictures, 
stories, et al of all that  our guys and gals are doing. The main reason I started the site is to promote the SV and  
as a way to say thanks to Cheryl for my two wonderful  boys, Gaelen and Taliesen.  It's  just my way of saying 
thanks to Cheryl for my boys and to her for being a very good  person and ethical breeder in promoting the 
Swedish Vallhund. 

Vallhund History

Vallhunds are an ancient breed, said to be the ancestors of the Corgi. Vals are Herding Dogs and herd cattle and sheep. Swedish Vallhunds have delightful personalities. They are muscular and energy-filled. They are most often red-sabled or gray-sabled in color with specific harness markings. Vals almost became extinct
but were saved by two Swedish men in 1940. From a group of five females and one male the breed is being restored.
    They are certified in Canada (CKC) and the United Kennel Club (originates in Britain,UKC)and we're working on American Kennel Club(AKC)certification.. They are well known in Sweden, Britain, Finland, Norway and Australia....and are becoming more well known here.They are considered a rare-breed and are seen in
American Rare Breed Association (ARBA)shows.
    The first SV's were brought to the USA, to SanDiego, California around 1984. They  came from Starvon Kennel in the UK. These two dogs were companions and not used  at stud.  For breeding and recognition,  the Swedish Vallhund owes its being to Marilyn Thell. She has been a dedicated dog breeder for many years and was instrumental in the  recognition of Great Pyrenees here in the States. She saw the Swedish Vallhund at Crufts 
in England and studied the breed prior to bringing the first of her dogs over to the US.
    Swedish Vallhunds are playful, friendly, and are very good with children, adults and other animals. They have a foxy-like appearance and are energetic and enthusiastic! Vals are great all-around pets and companions. They have championed in conformation shows and have received titles in obedience, herding, and agility. Out
in Colorado and California, there are Vals doing the herding for which they are known. Whether as a working dog or companion, you indeed feel special when you have a Swedish Vallhund .

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                              Kennel Information

The CAVAL Kennel was founded by Cheryl Albert. Over 6 years ago, she became a breeder of Swedish Vallhunds.  She had been breeding and boarding dogs for over 30 years. Her Championship German Shephards had become well-known to those in the dog world. She then met the Swedish Vallhund and it was 'love at first sight.' Cheryl began in SV's around 1995. Cheryl is fully dedicated to breeding the best dogs possible...Dogs which are sound in temperment as well as in structure. She is constantly working to improve her line.



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This site is completely owned and  managed by Gail Smyka. I do this in gratitude to Cheryl Albert because I highly respect her  and because she was the one who started me in SV's with my wonderful Boyz, Gaelen & Taliesen.
Gail Smyka

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