Tribute to CH. Vastgota Rudolf Valentino

2/14/95 - 2/22/08


Rudy at the Stages of his life.

Owner: Cheryl Albert
Breeder: Ulla Gamberg
(in whelp; out of Trident's Qulan from Bertil Bersbo)


Cheryl Albert will be writing a piece on Rudy. As soon as I receive it, I will publish it. In the meantime, I've written a bit of what Rudy has meant to me.

NOTE: Cheryl contacted Dr. K and Rudy's eyes and a last blood sample
were sent to him for research as Rudy's last gesture to help our wonderful SVs. Rudy's eyes have always been fine; however, Cheryl wanted Rudy to help our breed with this last gift.


Rudy is a super boy and will be greatly missed by many. His progeny and their progeny will continue continued good health as well as in agility, obedience, therapy, conformation, and most importantly as loving companions.  Rudy was the 1st Vallhund I met. It was in Flint, MI,  April, 1996, where Cheryl was at a Pet Expo. She had invited me up after I met her at the DKC dog show in 3/96. I spent a couple hours just laying on the floor with Rudy, walking him outside, playing with him. He cinched my wanting a Swedish Vallhund....with him as sire. The times I went up to Cheryl's....there was always time to snuggle with Rudy. Cheryl with her dogs and me with my two went to CKC shows, ARBA and UKC shows. Sometimes we all slept in my little RV....most of the SVs inside and a couple in a pen outside the RV....there was always room enough....and we all got along.  I love him and will miss him terribly. I've 'told' my Boyz that their dad was moving on to the Rainbow Bridge and that when their time came, he would meet them there and wait for Cheryl and me. Rudy..............thank you so much for my Boyz. I love you.
Gail Smyka




Other Rudy Moments

Rudy & Sons, Gaelen & Taliesen.

Cheryl Albert & Rudy

Rudy will faithfully wait by the Rainbow Bridge.

The Rainbow Bridge


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Gail Smyka

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